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You’ve obviously ended up here through a link, or perhaps you just happened to stumble on us through a search.  We’ll give you a little bit of information here about us and our lives, but quite frankly the best way to get to know more about us is through the links to the left.

We live with our family in rural western Illinois.  Our professional backgrounds include experience in education, public relations, communications and entrepreneurship.  We started in our own business over ten years ago. We had (and continue to have) a strong love of family and wanted more time with them and the ability to be in control of our own schedule instead of relying on someone else to control that part of our lives.  There was a lot of research that went into our decision to embrace the MLM business model. The decision was made and we spent years studying what worked and what didn’t work in that business model in the traditional sense. The internet brought on a whole new component of our business in allowing us to do business virtually around the globe from the comfort of our rural home.

We have a strong interest in personal development and aiding in the personal development of others. Over the years we have created some strong friendships and bonds with great people from around the globe that share the common interest in improving themselves and breaking free from the traditional employment mold. If this is something that you have an interest in as well, please feel free to contact us as we would be glad to help you as well.


Chris and Jo Janssen

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